Saturday, November 14, 2009

Literary Meme answers

Oh, my, I forgot to get back with all you curious folks on the first lines from favorite books meme. I have this little pile here next to the computer and decided I needed to put them away and then remembered why they were there! So, here goes:

1.- Velma Still Cooks in Leeway by Vinita Hampton Wright. Susie, do you know that Vinita writes Bible study books and books on prayer? Where did I see that? At the end of a book I read it is: Relationships That Bring Life: Ruth by Ruth Haley Barton. Anyway, I looked on Amazon and found this little gem- Prayers Around the Family Table

2. Crow Lake by Mary Lawson. I shared some about this book here.

3. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I admire Jane. She is such a strong woman of character. She's not a "character" she has character. A definite favorite.

4. Yes, Janet it is Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner. Also here. One of the best books I read in the past year(in fact I think I ended up reading it 3 times over the year, that has to be some kind of record.) I posted the first lines from this book, chose a couple of others and realized I was going to have 3 different books that started out talking about whiskey or some similar beverage! I didn't want you to get the wrong idea about my reading choices so I kept looking!

5. And finally, Peace Like a River by Leif Enger(everytime I type Leif I want to follow it with Ericsson for some reason!) I wrote about this book here. I picked this up at a used book sale a couple of years ago, last January I pulled it out and set it on my desk "to be read soon". But it sat, then one day Janet asked if I had read this book. I took that as a recommendation and I did and loved it. His second book So Brave, Young and Handsome was excellent too. And now we patiently wait for him to write a third.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Literary Meme

I saw this fun meme on Janet's blog. Let me know if you play along..

1. Pick 5 of your favorite books.

2. Post the first sentence of each book. (If one sentence seems too short, post two or three!)

3. Let everyone try to guess the titles and authors of your books.

Here goes:

1. When I was a young girl, strange fevers would fall upon me. All of a sudden my temperature would rise and carry me away. Sometimes it lasted an hour or two: a few times it lasted more than a day.

2. My great-grandmother Morrison fixed a book rest to her spinning wheel so that she could read while she was spinning, or so the story goes. And one Saturday evening she became so absorbed in her book that when she looked up, she found that it was half past midnight and she had spun for half an hour on the Sabbath day. Back then, that counted as a major sin.

3. There was no possibility of taking a walk that day. We had been wandering, indeed, in the leafless shrubbery an hour in the morning; but since dinner(Mrs. Reed, when there was no company, dined early) the cold winter wind had brought with it clouds so sombre, and a rain so penetrating, that furthur out-door exercise was now out of the question.

4. Back when Mississippi was dry, Ole Miss students and any other Oxford residents who wanted a drink would drive to Memphis, just across the state line, stock up on beer and whiskey, and haul it back in the trunks of their cars.

5.From my first breath in this world, all I wanted was a good set of lungs and the air to fill them with- given circumstances, you might presume, for an American baby of the twentieth century.