Sunday, October 11, 2009

Never let a problem

"If you could ask God for anything, what one thing would you ask him
for tonight?" God and I looked each other in the eye, we knew. I'd been asking him to solve this problem all afternoon. It is not a new problem. Asking him to fix it isn't new either. I just finally acknowledged my inability, and asked him to please solve it, in his own best way. It is a hard thing to give up my selfish ways, to surrender my time, to lay down my life. I wonder though, do I have the right to surrender someone else's time, to lay down someone else's life? My heart is deceitful and it tricks me and reasons out my selfish ways as sensible. I cannot be sure. So, I asked God to please solve this problem, in his own best way, then last night I came across this quote:

"Never let a problem to be solved
become more important
than a person to be loved."

This is a word from God, I surely know this. This is my part, this is his charge to me as I wait for him to solve my problem. I know this as clearly as I knew he was instructing me when, years ago, he gave me this Word:

"Whatever happens,
conduct yourselves
in a manner worthy
of the gospel of Christ."


Janet said...

Good words...

Isn't it amazing how when we seek, he reveals?

(I'm just scrolling down to the word verification for leaving this comment, and guess what the word is? "bible." !)

JenLo said...

How true!

mrsbeaver said...

It always makes me catch my breath when I realize God has addressed me. Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry but I am always amazed that he is listening and wants to communicate!