Friday, February 13, 2009

Anna's Bag

This is a Christmas gift for Anna. She got a couple of these (as did other members of the family) - a package containing fabric and a pattern of what I planned to sew for them after Christmas. The picture isn't real clear , the main part of the messenger bag is a black and white polka dot corduroy. The Wizard of Oz fabrics are for pure fun! It's lined with ruby slippers and has the red cameo print for pockets and trim. I purchased them for another project but only 2 out of the 3 ordered came, so Plan B- a messenger bag. This is the third one I've made and I really love the pattern, clear easy to follow directions with so much scope for personalizing. I'm thinking if I make another one, I will use a stiffer interfacing. She has it loaded already so it looks a bit lumpy, but I think she likes it

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