Sunday, January 18, 2009

she's the bees knees

This little girl is about the easiest person on the planet to please. If I make her something she coos and gushes- "Oh, it is so beautiful!" and "You are so nice." and "I really really love you!" If I tell her about something I'm going to make her "Ooohh, will you make that for me?" "You are so nice." I mean really, who could resist such joy? I find myself thinking about things I could make her because she will be so tickled when I show her- even if it's just an apron.

The dress is Simplicity 5695. Very fun and simple. The fabric? Bees Knees from Maywood Studio. She dressed up as a bumblebee for halloween and talked about it for months, so when I saw this fabric I knew she needed something from it.

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Susie said...

This is so precious! SHE is so precious!!